Nose Surgery - Rhinoplasty

Star Plastic Surgery - Nose Surgery - Rhinoplasty

Your nose is one of your most prominent facial features. Whether you were born with a nose that you believe is not ideally suited to your face, or if your nose has become misshapen though aging or injury, nose surgery, or rhinoplasty, can bring your nose into perfect proportion with the rest of your face.

At the Novi, Michigan office of Star Plastic Surgery, our board-certified plastic surgeons approach each patient with personalized attention. Taking into account the natural features of your face, we can reshape your nose to ideally fit your contours and restore balance and beauty.

Ideal Candidates for Rhinoplasty

The size and shape of your nose can have a dramatic impact on all of your facial features. Ideal candidates for rhinoplasty include:

  • People born with a nose that is out of balance with their facial features
  • People born with a deformed or unappealing nose
  • People who have suffered trauma that has reshaped their nose
  • People who have experienced a change in the shape of their nose due to aging
  • People who experience difficulties breathing due to closed nasal passages

No matter what your reason, if you are unhappy with the appearance of your nose, rhinoplasty may be an ideal choice for you.

When you come to Star Plastic Surgery for a rhinoplasty consultation, one of our board-certified plastic surgeons will carefully assess all of your facial features to help determine what size and shape nose will most compliment your facial features. Listening closely to your desires and working with you on an individual basis, we can help provide you with renewed self-confidence and aesthetic perfection.

The experienced plastic surgeons at Star Plastic Surgery offer you our exclusive Star Plastic Surgery Advantage. All of our surgeons are board-certified and use proven techniques. We have found that most of our patients benefit from a closed rhinoplasty in which the incisions are placed inside of the nostrils which eliminates the need for sutures and provides a scar-free result.

Whether you require a closed or open rhinoplasty, your procedure will be performed in an accredited hospital or surgical center where your safety is a top priority. Devoted to all of our patients, our quality patient care ensures that you are taken care of from the moment you walk into our office until you have fully recovered from your procedure.

If you are unhappy with the size and shape of your nose contact us to schedule your free rhinoplasty consultation today.