Breast Lift FAQs

What can a breast lift do?

A breast lift works to restore a youthful, “perky” appearance to sagging breasts by removing excess skin and reshaping breast tissue. Often combined with breast augmentation to produce a fuller, firmer appearance, breast lifts can help restore self-confidence and expand clothing options.

When should I consider a breast lift?

Breast lifts are ideal for women who suffer from sagging, unappealing breasts. The board-certified plastic surgeons at our Novi, Michigan office recommend you wait until your breasts are fully developed to have a breast lift. We also recommend you wait until you are finished having children as pregnancy can impact the firmness of your breasts.

What are the techniques used for a breast lift?

Your individual breast lift procedure will be based on the needs of your body and your body type. Some breast lifts are performed in conjunction with breast augmentation and others may require breast reduction. The technique used in your procedure will depend on the amount of sag that is present and the position of your nipple.

When you come to Star Plastic Surgery for your breast lift consultation, one of our plastic surgeons will assess your full body frame and the shape and size of your natural breasts before determining what technique and procedures would most benefit you.

Does a breast lift leave visible scarring?

The incision required for your breast lift will depend on what technique is necessary to provide optimal aesthetic results. Most scars fade naturally within twelve to twenty-four months and are far less noticeable than sagging breasts.

Our surgeons use only proven surgical techniques and take the time necessary to ensure your procedure produces as little scarring as possible. While all surgical procedures will leave some scarring, we take great care in where we place the incision to minimize their visibility.

How long does recovery from a breast lift take?

Most patients are able to return to work within one week after surgery. We do recommend you refrain from strenuous physical activities for up to one month to allow your body sufficient time to heal.

If you have additional questions about breast lifts, contact the experienced board certified surgeons at Star Plastic Surgery today to schedule your free consultation.