Breast Augmentation

Star Plastic Surgery - Breast Augmentation

Your breasts represent both your femininity and your sexual appeal. If you find your breasts are not ideally shaped and sized to meet your frame, you may experience discomfort in a variety of professional and intimate situations. When you come to Star Plastic Surgery, our board-certified breast surgeons take the time necessary to fully assess your entire frame. In this way, we can ensure your breast augmentation procedure produces a stunningly beautiful, natural look that compliments the frame of your body.

Breast Augmentation at Star Plastic Surgery

Our plastic surgeons are committed to providing you with a look that will enhance your overall appearance. We offer breast implant types in both saline and silicone options. Our goal is to provide you with the option that will add ideal shape and size to your chest, giving you the exact proportions you desire.

In addition to restoring self-confidence, a properly sized and shaped bust line will greatly improve your clothing options. Depending on the type of clothing you choose to wear, our plastic surgeons will help you choose an breast augmentation implant incision option that will be unnoticeable to anyone but you.

We have found that submuscular breast implant placement offers the most natural look while also minimizing risks such as capsular contracture. Moreover, this placement option allows you to wear bathing suits and sports bras without the embarrassing appearance of obvious implants.

Our surgeons perform all of our breast augmentations at accredited hospitals or surgical facilities. Along with your satisfaction, your safety is our primary concern. We take the time necessary both before and after your surgery to ensure that your breast augmentation provides you with pleasing results for years to come.

Our surgeons have performed thousands of breast augmentation surgeries during their careers, but still view each patient as a unique individual deserving of the highest quality service and care. If you are considering breast augmentation contact us to schedule your free consultation today.